"It would be really cool if Waves..."

Hi @okakba,

I am sorry to hear you experienced purchasing our product this way.
I assure you thousands of users get through this, and if they encounter any issues - contact tech support and are happily assisted until they are working with their products.
I hope next time you are interested in a product from waves, we can turn you around - just call or contact support and they will walk you through the process so you can enjoy our great products.

Yeah I noticed that. In fact, I think I said something similar on some forum somewhere else too.

But if they’re going to do that then they should admit in a sidechain filter and put the Noise on a dial, as opposed to a switch.

Love the Waves Platform, been using LV1 for about 1.5 years now, and Plugins for many, many years, and got some improvements inside LV1 it would be great…

1- More User Defined Keys were available
2- Colour Coding of channels / groups / DCAs, etc… preferably customisable.
3- Redundant Servers could be used alongside rather than as a spare… (maybe FX processing only as a start? or Rack A attached to 1 server, and Rack B attached to the other?)
4- HUI was supported, allowing XTouch’s to receive Metering Data
5- Spill works on V10 on XTouch on the ‘Nudge’ key, but not V11… would be great to have that back.
6- OSC / More Key commands were included in the software
7- Secondary displays could have more than one screen open on it in the same tab, rather than having multiple windows open. eg, channel, patch and scene all on one screen, with mixer 1&2 and setup on the other.
8- Move faders off the screen to allow more space for Aux/Rack, etc, when using a controller
9- Scaleable GUI for LV1, even if its just 1080p rather than a full range of options.

Hope these are helpful / happen soon.

Also to be able to structure a session how you would like, rather than fixed to the 16/32/64 channel variants. Similar to how Digico let you Structure a console before starting work on a session.

1 - old plugins and waves mastering bundle plugin redesign
2 - add spectrum to multi band compressor like c4, linmb and c6
3 - c4, c6 and studiorack multi-band to be more phase coherent for better transparency
4 - calibration option for various compressor emulations

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Just want to whole-heartedly agree with the much needed feature of changing the key or “scale root” as the UI calls it through midi input from a keyboard…Please, please, please!!



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Would be cool is Soundgrid servers and studiorack worked with vst instruments (such as codex) as well as FX

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I second the notion for an uninstall option for individual plugins/licenses.

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Thanks for fixing Point 5 in my above list in the latest LV1 V11 update. Hope to see the rest real soon!!

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Thank you!
I believe we’ve also addressed point no. 1 :slight_smile:
Anyway, all your suggestions have been forwarded.

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Hi Odel,

I was meaning more User Assignable Keys than the 8 we can currently use alongside the 8 mute groups.
16+ would be amazing! Currently using F1-F8, so adding F9-F12 should be relatively simple to code.
Let me know if this feature has been added and I’m just not on the correct screen.
I’m running LV1 V11.0.65

Thanks for forwarding all the suggestions either way!

Hi @DanBamberAudio :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for the clarification. I thought you were referring to to the added functions for the user-assignable keys – Clear SOLO, Alt, Ctrl, Keyboard, Toggle Mixer Layer Modes
Anyways, confirming that all your requests have been submitted.

Cheers & thanks again

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is there anything about a gui redesign for the mastering bundle also spectrum analyzer for multi band compressors like c4, c6 and limb ??

Absolutely. In fact, it would be great if it offered a way for third part instruments o easily do the same. VEP could do with some decent competition. That’s what encourages progress.

Not currently in the works @jamssaint - I will pass this on as a feature suggestion.


you gotta show the mastering bundle some love it’s been more than 10 years since you guys haven’t updated it, the spectrum analyzer and gui are what’s keeping people from using it when i want to master i instead reach for izotope ozone instead but would be cool if you guys gave it some attention.

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I’m with @jamssaint on this one. Just think of all the ways you could improve it so that it could go head to head with the likes of Ozone or T-Racks.

Man you could always follow the Abbey Road TG Mastering Suite idea and create a modern mastering chain loosely based on that, but with components that can be used individually within the Host. In fact, you may want to include some of the TG for some alternative “color” :thinking:

yeah true but not all people will choose to color their clients masters sometime you need the transparent tool to fix some problems surgically in fact their the only plugin that have never been updated and they’re almost 10 years old and no changes has been made to them i bought it would be simple since they updated the old one’s with a spectrum analyzer but seems like a timing problems.

Oh yeah transparent is more necessary than color. It’s just nice to have several option available for when you need it. Generally, mastering should only be minor changes anyway. Anything more than that would ideally require a mix revisit.

it would be awesome if there is a way to mark Plugins as Favorite.
And shown up as “Favorite” in LV1/Studio/… in the list where you choose the Plugins.

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