"It would be really cool if Waves..."

Ever been working and have a eureka moment?
“It would be really cool if Waves added a Mix knob here!”
“It would be so nice to be able to update licenses from within Waves Central”

Tell us what on your mind! We are listening!

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I feel it would be really cool if Waves…
a) had V9-V10 organizer inbuilt within the Waves Central
b) had an option to uninstall individual plugins using Waves Central
c) continues with the special deals regularly :smile:


Hi Punitb, thanks for reaching out!

We are listening. I can tell you C is for sure :slight_smile:
A and B are features we are evaluating for future versions of Central.


Mix percentage Knob on the plugins would be fantastic! Especially on the CLA-76 [Instant Parallel compression!] :smiley:

Also, it’d be really cool to have Q10 and Renaissance EQ with frequency spectrum analyzers :wink:


I think it would be really cool if Waves had a vocal harmonizer. They have an excellent autotune and vocoder (morphoder) tool, but a really nice sounding harmonizer would be so amazing. I have an old one by Antares, but it’s old and not very stable on my modern Win10 box.


It would be amazing if I could link/group selected Plug-In controls together, just to be clear I’m talkin Cross-Plug-Ins ability not only internal, how amazing and creative would that be ?! :wink:

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Adding a Reverb Removal plugin would also be great, so we don’t need to go anywhere else other than Waves :grinning:

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Hi. I wish nothing more than for Waves to incorporate Console 1 integration :love_you_gesture:
Pretty please, with toppings on top :crossed_fingers: :pray: :wink:

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I will vote for that too

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Had an tablet (IOS) remote control for MRSG.

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LV1 requests

  • color coding
  • being able to change output delay from the patching page, or a less convoluted way on the channel view
  • pinch and move controls on the eq section!!! Like an iPad would control
  • an option to hide or make mini faders when for people using controllers

I don’t think I’m unusual.
I create channel strips in Logic Pro when I’m recording, and then use them live in Mainstage.

What REALLY ruins a performance is when my channel strips contain Waves plugins, and I get to the gig and find I forgot to de-authorise the studio Mac - so my live channel strips can’t work.

So, it would be really cool if Waves would allow me to de-authorise my studio computer by logging in to my account, so I can authorise my Macbook for the gig and my channel strips actually work properly.

So simple. So much less frustrating.

And yes, the number of times it has happened has led me to avoid using Waves plugins when I’m creating a channel strip in the studio that I’ll use live. Sigh.

Hi @keysandfrets, welcome to our forum!

We have two feature in Waves Central that can address your needs here.

  1. Activate your licenses on a USB Flash Drive and carry this flash drive with you. Connect it to your studio computer when you are recording / mixing, take it with you on the road and connect yo your Macbook when performing with MainStage. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found here: https://www.waves.com/support/move-licenses.
  2. If you ever do forget to bring your Flash Drive or have not de-authorized the licenses from your studio computer - don’t worry!
    Log in to Waves Central, go to the "Recover licenses’ menu and “pull” you licenses off the studio computer and activate them on the Macbook.
    This action is limited to once per year, but guess what? Once you log in to Waves central on your studio computer - our system recognizes it, deletes the redundant license and clears the recovery limit (!) so you can recover again if and when need.

So using either method - you will never need to hold a gig without your Waves plugins :slight_smile:


It would be really cool, if Waves would give the Producers of classical music more tools. For instance: Thanks a lot for the Abbey Road series. I would like to have more of their effects and console stuff especially for the classical recording scene: Suvi Raj Grubb and Walter Legge did legendary recordings with EMI in Abbey Road (e.g. the last recording of Jaqueline du Pre with Barenboim). Are there presets for the consoles (REDD, TG12345, TG12410) known from classical producers?
I would love, if you could integrate more personalities from the classical scene. Most of all it would be interesting, what kinds of compression they use and to have presets from these guys for natural recording-setups like (solo-instruments in a church, string-quartet, Orchestra, choir etc.). At EMI in Abbey Road they used the same consoles as Pink Floyd etc. But they used it differently. If you could ask the classical guys at Abbey Road, how classical music is being mixed, eq-ed and dynamically treated, it would be an opener for classical Producers like me. For my classical recordings I use J37, TG12410, NLS etc. It gives the recordings the typical warm EMI-Sound, which is much more lovely than the sharp edgy sound of Deutsche Grammophon.

I use from time to time the Greg Wells effects, but for classical music they are sometimes a bit too sharp in the high frequencies. I would love a signature series maybe with one knob like Greg Wells (to keep their secrets) with a Producer of classical music.

I am a German producer of classical music (M.S.M.-Engineering, Kassel) and there is a huge Community of Tonmeister, who would love to See Waves having dedicated plugins for classical music treatment. Do us the favour!!!

Frank Momberg,
M.S.M.-Engineering, Kassel, Germany


Hi @Mombe and welcome to the forum!

Great suggestion, this will be passed on :slight_smile:

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Considering how good your pianos are, it would be really cool to have a Hammond and Orchestral instruments…and of course a Distressor :blush:

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