Hotkey needed for "Sweet Spot" in Waves NX

This applies for Waves NX desktop version, Waves NX VST, and Abbey Studio 3:

When using a camera or the bluetooth tracker — if you move your head a lot the position gets a bit out of sync.

The ability to set a global system-wide hotkey to that is the equivalent of the “Sweet Spot” button would allow us to reset the position without having to open the app or the VST settings.

This is absolutely possible to do – the GeForce Experience app allows system wide hotkeys so that it can be controlled while you are in any app… So a system wide hotkey for “Sweet Spot” should be possible, and not an enormous feature request.

As it stands, the frequency of having to open the app and hit “Sweet Spot” is a rather cumbersome. A simple hotkey would make it so simple! (control shift S or R or something — the user should be able to choose.)

If I could just hit a button combo to reset my head position it would save SO much time.

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Yeah that’ll be a great idea.

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