Fixing permissions and ownership. This may take a while

When trying to install Waves Central im getting “Fixing permissions and ownership. This may take a while.”

I’m in OSX Monterey 12.3.1
MacBook Air M1

This is a normal function of Waves Central. Are you having an issue?

Yes it is indeed normal as incorrect permissions can cause plugins to not function as normal, or not function at all. This is just a precautionary measure to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible for the user,

yeah, it doesn’t advance from there, I’ve been with that text for hours

yeah but I’m stuck in that text, I can’t install waves central. I already tried to reinstall the app but doesn’t work

Hi @esalazaranzures

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If you are experiencing permission issues, I suggest giving Central permissions by following these steps:

  1. Quit all apps.
  2. Launch your computer System Preferences .
  3. Go to Security and Privacy .
  4. Click on the Lock icon on the bottom left to make changes.
  5. Under Privacy on the left column, highlight Full Disk Access .
  6. Click on the + sign and add Waves Central.
  7. Reboot and launch Waves Central.

I hope this information will help.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I have tried a few times but still not working