Detect & mute Ummm/Hhmm sounds on a voice track

This could save many people’s lives.
A plugin that would let me point on a few sample “Umm… Emm… Hmmm…” sounds on a voice track, and would detect similar sound on the whole track.
Then, it should (1) mute/trim all or (2) mark them (3) or let hear them one after another and decide - mute / trim / keep.

Ideally, it should be collecting a dataset from the results, to grow an intelligence to identify them even without providing a sample, eventually.

In fact, that could work for any sound. I could ask to remove the f word from a long podcast for instance. Could work as a censorship tool as well, depending on the samples I provide.

Thanks and will be waiting for such tool to happen!

Nice idea. The only trouble is see is it could leave gaping holes in the track. As in it could leave unusually large pauses that might sound a little unnatural.

Worth looming into, though.

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