Custom GUI updates

This is an odd question, but it is possible to alter Waves’ plugins GUIs manually? If I wanted to try and alter the gui’s myself, is there a location in the AU file where I could do this from?

I’ve seen this done before. It was a little while back, but I’m sure it’s still possible.

I’d advise that you caution, though, as I’m pretty sure Waves won’t be able to help you much if you go down this road. It actually would violate their end user license agreement. That said, I’m sure you could just reinstall it if something goes wrong.

The place I would look on the Mac is inside the Shell or the plugin in the Application folder. Right click on it and do a “Show Package Contents” :thinking:


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Plase note that changing plug-ins GUI is not something Waves can support as it may affect the plug-ins functionality. We strongly recommend you to avoid it.

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