COSMOS Suggestion

I’d like to see RMB (right mouse button) be used in the “COSMIC” view as a grab tool to navigate through during deep zoom instead of having basically the exact same function as LMB (left mouse button).

Also, a simple sequencer wouldn’t be off-putting.

Hopefully, an upcoming update will do!



+1. This is how xln audio XO works and it’s a much better user experience.

I second the mouse button request! I had frequent problems where I would either trigger a sample when I wanted to move, or else I would move when I wanted to trigger a sample. Binding different functions to left/right mouse buttons would solve that issue.

I hesitate on the simple sequencer request. I like the simplicity of COSMOS and I hope it remains a sample browser first and foremost. With the depth of AI that it has, I think it will be challenging enough to keep it stable without a lot extra. I’m currently not able to scan in my whole library.