COSMOS Feature Requests

Here’s just a few suggestions after my initial use of COSMOS.

  1. The ability to expand the sidebar of folders. Currently names get truncated
  2. Sidebar should should have arrows for expanding sub-folder hierarchies
  3. Should have the ability to view alphabetical, or drag/drop custom folder order and insert separators
  4. Might be good to implement a simple hover help popup system for new users to identify UI elements
  5. Drag and drop folders into sidebar from macOS Finder does not work and should be a feature
  6. When adding folders to sidebar with +, should have ability to select multiple folders at once
  7. Columns should have a separator line in UI and be resizable
  8. Columns should have ability to be reorganized with drag/drop like in macOS Finder
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Hi @axe

Welcome to the Waves community forum.

Thanks for giving the thought and coming up with those features, I will forward your feature requests to the relevant personnel.

Have a great day. :star_struck:

I want to add one simple thing:

Add left arrow key to restart sample playback/preview.

Having up and down arrows is great, but adding left arrow would be epic :slight_smile: