Chambers Crackling in Reaper 6.19

Hi There,
Just downloaded Chambers and a couple of other plugins and everything installed fine.
When I plug in Chambers, it seems to crackle quite a bit.
Any idea what’s going on?

Windows 10 x64
Reaper 6.19
RAM 8gb
Processor: Intel Celeron J3455 @1.50GHz

Hi @mtlmusicman welcome to the Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Please note that our plug-ins are Officially Supported with Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon / AMD Quad-Core processors, as can be seen in our System Requirements.

That indeed might be the issue here.

I suggest considering a system that complies with the plug-ins requirements in order to have them working properly.

Thanks for the reply and welcome.
Very happy with these plugins!!

It’s strange since I also have 5 other Waves plugins that are all working fine and a variety plugins from other companies that run without issue.

I’m not convinced that it’s a memory or processor issue…