Cant open Waves Central on mac

Hi all,

This is my first post so be gentle.

I’ve just tried to run Waves Central for the first time and I’m getting this error.

“You did not allow Central to make changes. Relaunch and choose allow in the system prompt”

It’s the latest version.

I’ve tried allowing Waves in the security settings etc. Anyone know of a fix for this.

It’s a Mini Mac with an M1 chip but seen others at least being able to run Waves Central.

Any help much appreciated.



Whilst the M1 is not officially supported at this point. Many have it working.

That message refers to the “Security and Privacy” panel in system preferences.
You need to investigate and see what Waves Central is asking to do…

On my system, in the Privacy sub panel within that preference pane, the Automation has Waves Central ticked. (as per the pic below.)Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 4.33.36 pm

Note however, I am not using an M1 Mac. This is on a MacPro with Mojave.

same issue here.
waves central has full access permissions.
tried uninstalling, deleting its preferences and reinstalling.
no change.

Hi @bilbo909 and @ian.2.lorimer,

Welcome to Waves Forum,

First, please disable any of the following third-party security applications and add-ons you may have installed:

AdAware, AhnLab V3, Comodo, F-Secure, Hyper-V, Little Snitch, LuLu, MacKeeper, MagicPrefs, Nero Video Downloader Ultimate Pro, Premier Opinion, Radio Silence, SecureIT, Security Suite, STOPzilla antivirus, Wacom Controllers, Witch, Ziggo Safe Online

Once disabled, drag Waves Central from the Applications folder to the trash, then reinstall it.
*Make sure to ‘Allow’ central to make changes when prompt in the installation process.

*Also please make sure that in the System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy,
Waves Central has Full Disk Access permission,

If you still can’t launch Wave Central, please try from a new Administrator account.
(Plugins installed from any account, will reflect in all the accounts)

If you guys still can’t manage to launch Central and install with it, I suggest contacting our Tech Support team.

I’ve done all those suggestions. also…

“*Make sure to ‘Allow’ central to make changes when prompt in the installation process.”

That prompt never comes up for me (it did in the past).
I made a new user and it comes up for my test user but not my main account.

It should pop up when “fixing permissions” happens, but it doesn’t.
Is there a way to force that prompt?

Same. Like bilbo said…

The prompt never comes up. (It did in the past.)

It should pop up when “fixing permissions” happens, but it doesn’t.

Is there a way to force that prompt?

BTW, regarding " I suggest contacting our Tech Support team": I sent a detailed message a week ago. Received an automated response, “A Waves representative will review the request and reply to the original sender (usually within 72 hours).” But not a whisper. Frustrating.

Hi guys, sorry, but do you have the solution?

I’m having the same problem. Waves Central was working fine on my M1 MacBook Pro before I updated to the latest version of Waves Central. Any solution yet?

Tech support did get back to me (weeks later). Their work around suggestion is to create a new user with admin privileges to install their Waves software. That’s a poor work around in my opinion and not a solution to their poorly made installer.

“The only winning move is not to play” - War Games

Well, it’s a workaround, often they aren’t ideal. . It just empowers you with a method in which to tackle the issue for now, while they usually work on a more permanent solution.

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