Can the Torque have 2 focus bands

Hello Waves Team !
I was trying to change pitch of ethnic instruments with torque . Tabla has 2 components the Baya and Naal. Baya is the Lower freq and Naal the Mid to upper mid frequency.
The Torgue has a single focus band so in a Tabla tuning scenario one can change either the BAya tuning or the Naal tuning. Since the Torque Algo is so brilliant can we have 2 bands to handle such percussion Instruments ?
Thank you


Awesome Idea @krma! WIll pass this on!


Good idea. we actually tried it at the time during the development process. it’s not easy to achieve since this type of process involving a massive phase shift to the signal. so its very easy to get a total mass with more than one band on the same signal.

Having said that, we are totally think how to get it right, hopefully in the near future.


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