Can I use Ovox to play my French horn VST?

I’m trying to add expression and articulation to my french horn melody. I wondered if I’m able to do this through ovox. I want it to play like I sing it. Is that possible? Or am I completely crazy? Am I even on the right track?

It doesn’t quite work like that sadly. Your horn will either take on a more “voice like” quality or your voice will sound more like a French Horn.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of good alternative for you try short of hiring a real player. It would be cool if it worked in the way you want it to though. That would be so helpful in many ways!! :smirk:


Hi @eram.christian and welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

@simon.a.billington is right.
Ovox was initially designed to be applied on a vocal.
However feel free to try and test it in alternative ways, completely “outside the box”. Who knows what kind of surprising results you will get :wink:

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