Bassfingers slow starting

I am currently testing BassFingers Demo.
Starting the program and loading the library takes a very long time, over 5 minutes. Whether it is the version SD or the version HD. Tested on two computers, e.g. i5, 8GB.
Does anyone know this problem? And knows a solution?

5 minutes is a really long time. It’s slow for me, but not that slow. My issue is largely due to the fact I’m using it on a HDD, not an SSD which would speed things up considerably. What kind of drive have you got it installed on??

The 8GB might also be a problem for you too as most operating systems can consume most of that these days. It would most likely be worth upgrading to 16Gb or more.

thank you for your answer

I think the problem is the low memory, as I have the same problem on a newer laptop, which also has only 8GB. There is no SSD hard drive installed in either computer…
Next month I will get a new PC, then I report.

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Yeah, just make sure you get one “spec’d enough” to get the job done.