About your headphone modelling add-ons to NX

I just purchased the add-on for the NX headphone modelling; 270…very impressive.
The disappointment is that you didn’t include my headphone model (Shure srh940). You included the model previous, the srh840 and the next model up srh1540. This is very significant because the srh940’s (of the three mentioned) are the only pair that are ‘flat’ response and are designed for critical listening. The other two (which you have included) have frequency enhancements in their lower and upper range. So the professional mixer cannot rely completely on using your headphone modelling. Here’s an excerpt from from Shure:

Which Is the Best Headphone?
Essentially, the biggest difference is the sound signature. For the SRH940, the sound is flat, which basically means the sound is not coloured or bias. Hence, they’re referred to as reference models (they reproduce your mix as accurately as possible). The SRH1540, on the other hand, actually accentuate certain aspects of your music or mix. They produce warm bass and detailed, extended highs. So, if you’re an audiophile and this is your thing, you’ll no doubt welcome the extra detail and energy. Alternatively, if you’re looking for accuracy, the SRH940 is still the best choice. It’s generally advised to have at least one good pair of flat, accurate, studio reference headphones when checking your mix, and the SRH940 delivers superbly in this category.
Is there a chance that these headphones can be added to your list? Thank you for reading.