Abbey Road Studio 3 Mono Compatibility

Hello there,
i’ve been mixing with Abbey Roads Studio 3 for some days now and think it is very impressive.

My question concerns checking my mix in Mono. As there seems to be no option in the plugin itself, what would be the correct way to do so?
I’m working with REAPER. Can I simply use the MONO-Button on the Master?

Thanks for your help,


Hi @chris_mor and welcome to the Forum!

Indeed, there is no mono summing control in Abbey Road Studio 3, by design.

If you wish to monitor your mono’s mix through the plugin - you should sum it to mono in your DAW and then load the plugin mono to stereo component on the mono channel, this will result in hearing the mono signal reflected around the room and hearing this response in stereo through your headphones.

Simply using the Mono on your master, post the Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin, will squash the rooms stereo reflections and ruin the mix. Not intended to be used this way,

Hi @Yishai-Waves,

thank you so much for your fast reply.

As I am often switching from mono to stereo when mixing - and dont want to use 2 different instances of the plugin - would this also work the following way:

  • Load the stereo/stereo version of the plugin as the last plugin on the master track and
  • BEFORE the plugin load a stereo width plugin collapsing the mix to mono when needed?

Kind regards


Yes that will work fine, you will be hearing the mono summed signal as played through two speakers in the actual studio. So due to acoustics and head position, you may still hear slight differences between your ears. That is expected.

Thank you very much!

I’ve tried it with Waves S1 and it works great.

Best regards


Yeah using S1 will solve this monitoring issue. You can always have one permanently set up to “mono” just prior to Abbey Road Studios and simply turnip off and on when you want to compare.

Although, @Yishai-Waves, I think this would be an extremely useful feature to install into Abbey Road Studios and NX. It makes a lot of sense.

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I will pass the suggestion @simon.a.billington!

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